Transform Yourself

Change your body, change your life. Kick-start that change by scheduling your complimentary weight loss consultation today. Do you ask yourself, “Why can’t I lose weight?” Perhaps you are struggling with how to lose weight in your thighs.

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Detoxify Your Body 

The deep penetrating heat effect of infrared is an excellent way to detoxify your body – truly detoxify, from the inside out, getting rid of all those heavy metals that can’t simply be eliminated through normal bodily functions.

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Lose Up To Two Sizes

Slimwave is suitable for all the women who would like to regain their silhouette after a pregnancy, get rid of their little belly during menopause, put on their bikini during their holidays or simply fight sagging skin tone.

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Here’s what our happy clients are saying...

Thank you for making me feel young and sexy, you are great at what you do, don't stop because inch by inch. Your company is making women feel great. Much Love.

- Gloria N. -

My face was tired, my body was neglected after 2 children, I felt old! My family and friends think I had multiple surgeries, I was surprised that they noticed such a big change. I look 10 years younger, my face feels sculpted and refreshed and my body. Wow! I'm lifted and firm everywhere, (I had no idea that this was ever possible). Thank you.

- Rebecca -

Marilene, Thank you, thank you!!! I love my new look. I am transformed inside and out, I was not a believer at first, but now I trust your advice!

- Sandra -

” From the start, PHENOMENAL! Slimwave has been very successful and very comfortable. My energy level is up and my weight is down. And the program is SO EASY. I feel different and I did not have to starve to achieve it. I’m seeing and feeling results.”

“It’s been FANTASTIC!!! The results I achieved are far more than I expected. I lost 5-6 inches in just 10 sessions, and I’m firmer. It’s been fun and pleasant and the results phenomenal. It really works. It was fun. Great experience! I would recommend it to anyone.”

“One of the reasons I signed up was I was caught in the cycle of being too tired to exercise and being tired because I was not exercising. The inch loss success from Slimwave gave me the inspiration I needed to motivate me to turn that whole cycle around.”

Happy clients

Its time to meet your new lifestyle.

Kick-start that change by scheduling your complimentary weight loss consultation today.