Success Stories

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Here’s what our happy clients are saying:


” From the start PHENOMENAL. Slimwave has been very successful and very comfortable. My energy level is up and my weight is down. And the program is SO EASY!! I feel different and I did not have to starve to achieve it. I’m seeing and feeling results.”                        – Carol T. –



“It’s been FANTASTIC!!! The results I achieved are far more than I expected. I lost 5-6 inches in just 10 sessions, and I’m firmer. It’s been fun and pleasant and the results phenomenal. It really works. It was fun. Great experience! I would recommend it to anyone.”         – Sara P. –



“One of the reasons I signed up was I was caught in the cycle of being too tired to exercise and being tired because I was not exercising. The inch loss success from Slimwave gave me the inspiration I needed to motivate me to turn that whole cycle around.”                      – Nathalie V. –


Slimwave leaves the body beautifully shaped and lifted!

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