Facial F.A.Q.


Is Slimwave Facial treatment safe?

Yes, all our technology is regulated and developed to the highest medical standards – globally. Electrotherapy is a widely used technology in Hospitals, Physiotherapy and of course Spas worldwide. EMS is the appliance of natural body science. Electrolysis and some facials use a form of electrical current in the process of their treatments. Our unique technology targets the facial muscles rather than the skin.

What should it feel like?

A light tapping or vibrating of key areas of the face, most notably around the eyes and the mouth. You may also experience a twitching type sensation around those areas, which shows that the muscles are working and being stimulated. The sensation is unusual at first but with gentle use, increasing the intensity over time, then the sensation becomes quite comfortable with some finding it addictive!

How long do the effects of using Slimwave Facial last?

Because Slimwave Facial toner is a safe and effective form of exercise, it has a lasting effect. All muscles need exercising otherwise they waste, losing volume and mass. Facial muscles are no different – they require a maintenance program to keep them plump and healthy. Slimwave Facial gently tones and builds the foundations of the face, lifting sag and filling out lines and wrinkles.

What other benefits will Slimwave Facial deliver?

One of the most immediate and striking benefits is the significant improvement in skin complexion and general facial radiance, skin conditions appeared to clear up, complexions brightened and overall health of the skin improved. This improvement is caused by the increased blood-flow to the muscles and skin, which increases oxygenation and clears toxins that can cause skin conditions. It’s why we have a unique skin radiance program that can be used if you feel your skin needs a “boost”.

Will Slimwave Facial get rid of wrinkles?

The primary benefit of this Slimwave treatment is to restore the youthful shape of your face. By gently toning and building the facial muscles beneath your skin, it ‘lifts & plumps’ them, reducing ‘sag’ and filling out wrinkles from within.

What is so different about this treatment?

Facial muscles are delicate and have to be carefully targeted – Slimwave facial have perfected the product to give a gentle stimulation targeting the facial muscles associated with wrinkles and sag to gently lift and plump the correct muscles – and restore the youthful shape of the face.

Does Slimwave Facial work all the muscles in the face?

No, it is carefully designed to focus on the muscles of facial expression which have a direct impact on the ageing process and are directly attached to the skin. You would not want the large muscles of mastication to increase in volume. They are exercised regularly when you eat.

Why is Slimwave Facial different from Anti-Ageing creams?

Creams have a 1 day effect – often superficial – and act as a cover-up, often using active ingredients that can react with sensitive skin. Slimwave Facial works the foundation of the face and the effects are long-lasting as the muscles of the Face are toned and re-built.

Will Slimwave Facial work if I’ve had Botox?

Botox reduces stubborn frown lines and brow furrows by chemically reducing muscle activity in the area between the eyes (the ‘glabella’) and just above this. Sometimes it is also used to reduce ‘crow’s feet’ around the eyes but Botox is rarely used in the mid and lower part of the face and therefore does not impact the majority of facial muscles.

* Slimwave recommends doing this treatment 4-6 weeks after injections, but to be aware this could potentially reduce the effects of the Botox – depending where it has been injected.

Can you overwork your muscles and get facial bulk?

No. Your facial muscles are very small and Slimwave Facial is designed to gentle stimulate them which would not allow for facial bulk. It works on the principles of isometric exercise that involves the static stimulation of a muscle without any lengthening; only developing thickness.

Wouldn’t injectable fillers work just as well and be a lot cheaper?

Fillers only work at surface level to give a temporary plumper appearance. Slimwave Facial works to give the face a longer lasting and most importantly a natural face lift to plump from the inside out – naturally.

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