What is Infratherapy?

Body detox and therapeutic method, infratherapy is used to treat stress and chronic pain, as well as to eliminate cellulite, lose weight and repair damaged tissues. The strength of this technology is the invisible radiation that allows a resonance of muscle tissue, increases cellular function and blood circulation and improves the cardiovascular and immune systems. The infrared wave penetration is up to a 4 cm depth. The body is stimulated directly by the heating radiation, without increasing the ambient temperature. The warming occurs in the heart of the muscle tissue and causes perspiration up to three times higher than in traditional saunas. Used at a controlled temperature for a period of 40 minutes, infratherapy promotes perspiration while increasing the heart rate and blood/lymphatic circulation. Consequently, the therapy encourages the toxin elimination and calories loss. The benefits are visible after the first treatment – it boosts the immune system and relax the most stressed people. It helps to restore health and sleep.


Infratherapy Benefits

  • Weight loss – The perspiration effect caused by the high body temperature increases the heart rate and speeds up the blood flow. A 40 min session causes a 600 to 900 calories loss, an equivalent of a 30 minutes run at a marathon runner speed. Infratherapy thus facilitates the weight control and contributes to your body slimming.
  • Cellulite treatment – The thermal effect of infratherapy acts on the superficial fat, helping to stimulate the metabolism, reduce/eliminate the cellulite and fatty deposits.
  • Detoxification – During an infratherapy session the blood flow increases and the perspiration helps to eliminate toxic metals and pollutants such as plumb, mercury, zinc and nickel. It is possible thus to expel up to 97% of heavy metals in addition to alcohol, nicotine, sulfuric acid, sodium and cholesterol.
  • Boosts immune system – The infrared thermal effect creates an artificial fever, which in turn activates the immune system. This process, combined with the toxin elimination and waste through perspiration strengthens the body’s resistance to disease and promotes general health.
  • Muscle pain relief – Infratherapy has antispasmodic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. The infrared penetration can reach the source of pain in inflammation or sore muscles treatment. It is beneficial for muscle, articulator and rheumatic pain relief, fibromyalgia and tired legs.
  • Reduce stress and fatigue – Infrared relaxes all body’s muscles, eliminating tension and stress accumulated during the daily activities.

 Contraindications of Infratherapy

Most of the people can afford infratherapy sessions and enjoy their benefits. The infrared therapy is ideal for people who can not support the heat, since infrared heats the body directly without increasing the ambient heat. Infratherapy is not recommended for pregnant women and for those on hypertension medication. People with joint problems following a recent injury should wait until the symptoms of overheating and swelling diminish before attempting an infrared treatment.

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